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After Nneka’s SSCE examinations, she gained admission into the University of Ibadan to study medicine. “Wow! I am so proud of you”, Mrs Emeka said to Nneka. “You know, no condition is permanent and you are so lucky to get this scholarship”. As you go,, remember your root and who you truly are. Don’t get carried away by the wealth of others. You would soon get yours. Our people say, “The Patient dog eats the fattest bone”, she advised her daughter.

Three weeks later, Nneka travelled to Ibadan to further her studies. She was so popular in the University because she was intelligent. She survived in school with the money she was paid for doing assignment for others and also from her very close friend, Chioma, the daughter of Chief Emeka. Chioma often invited Nneka for parties but Nneka refused because she was not chanced.

At the end of the first year, Chioma persuaded Nneka to stay behind for the birthday party of her cousin. She threatened to cut ties with Nneka if she refused to attend. Nneka had no choice but to go because she treasured the friendship she had with Chioma and always enjoyed her company. Chioma practically provides all her needs for her. That night, they went for the party.

Nneka was amazed by the celebration. She danced and ate to her fill. Unknowing to her, James had been observing her. He quickly took the bold step to talk to her. Nneka found out he was nice, attractive and rich, someone who could take care of her needs. They exchanged contacts and started a relationship later on.

James was just a mere student who still relied on his parents but he tried his best to give Nneka all she wanted. But that wasn’t enough for her. “I wish James could be more like Chioma’s boyfriend”, Nneka thought. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, she said to herself. Nneka, the school girl was now a club girl. She attended party after party, parting all night. James advised her to change her ways because he was no longer comfortable with her behaviour. He threatened to break up with her but she was non-chalant about it. James tried to talk to her through Chioma. But Chioma wasn’t ready to talk to her because she was also doing the same thing.

After the breakup, Nneka left James for an Alhaji. She neglected her studies completely because she was blindfolded by Alhaji’s wealth. He promised to marry her as his second wife if she gave him a son. “Now, I would be able to build a house for my mum and give her a better life”, she said to Chioma, who smiled in support of what she said.

After nine months, Nneka gave birth to a set of twins (a boy and a girl). But the boy died a hour after birth. When Alhaji heard the news, he wept bitterly because he felt the boy gave his life for the girl to live. In anger, he sent Nneka to his village, where he kept his other wife who maltreated her. On her way to the market, she met a young lady with Chioma and James. She tried to hide but Chioma called her. She tried to tell them a lie but she could no longer pretend when James said he now worked in an oil company and that the young lady with them was him fiancée. She said to herself, “Had I known, I would had cut my coat according to my cloth”.


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After Nneka’s SSCE examinations, she gained a....